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1. Access to 3D FONT FX is free; registration is not required.
2. All font files (TTF) are copyright their creators. For terms and conditions of individual fonts users are requested to read any and all additional (readme) files contained within the ZIP files. If in doubt please ask the font creator. Links to all font creators can be found on the Help page. If you have trouble locating a font creator you may ask us for assistance here.
3. All graphics are copyright 3D FONT FX and may not be used, copied, linked to or distributed without written permission. Linking to graphic or zip files on this site is not permitted with the exception of those graphics specified on the link to us page.
4. All X3D files are released as freeware for personal and commercial use. Graphic tiles available with selected X3D files are also released as freeware for personal and commercial use. You may freely distribute these files providing no fee whatsoever is charged and the text file is included. Though not required, a link to 3D FONT FX would be appreciated.
5. 3D FONT FX can not accept liability for any loss in the event access to the site is temporarily interrupted or suspended without notice due to system failure, maintenance, repair or for reasons beyond our control, such as problems at your service provider.
6. 3D FONT FX currently does not use cookies. 3D FONT FX does not hold any personal data of it's users. However, affiliates, link partners and/or internet services linked to by 3D FONT FX may, such as details you might provide to download software. Any personal data held by those services is their responsibility as it is located on their servers. We refer users to the following sites for additional information such as their terms and conditions, privacy policy, use of cookies, etc:
ClipArt.com   Photos.com   Xara
7. Any data that 3D FONT FX may have access to via it's affiliates, link partners and/or internet services listed above is confidential. 3D FONT FX will not pass, sell, lend or otherwise distribute this information to a third party.
8. All downloadable files available on this site are offered as is; 3D FONT FX can not accept any liability from their use including, but not limited to, loss of data, incomplete downloads, or failure of programs (such as Word, Paint Shop Pro, etc) to read these files correctly. Should you have a problem with a TTF downloaded, in the first instance, you should contact it's creator; additionally it would be appreciated if you could inform us here. X3D files can only be opened in Xara 3D.
9. 3D FONT FX can not accept responsibility for the content of any site or page linked to outside of the 3dfontfx.com domain. Should you find something you wish to bring to our attention you may submit your comments here.
10. All fonts (TTF) featured on 3D FONT FX are considered freeware or shareware. Fonts are accepted from their creators in good faith and assumed to be original creations. Please notify us here if you have evidence to the contrary.
  Please be advised these Terms and Conditions are subject to future amendments.
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